Murray Comics & Federal Comics: List of Odds & Ends

Adventure No.2
Adventure No. 6
Adventure Comics No.1

Adventure Comics No. 2

Adventure Comics No. 3

Adventure Comics No. 4
Adventure Comics No. 6
Adventure Comics No. 1 Federal
All-Star Heroes
Champions of Justice
Crime Fighters
Crisis on Infinite Earths No. 1
Crisis on Infinite Earths No. 3
Four Star Spectacular
Justice League of America
Justice League of America No. 2
Justice League of America No. 7
Lois Lane Album No. 128
Orphan from Krypton
Super Action No. 1
Super Action No. 2
Super Action Album No. 15
Super Action Album No. 17
Super Action Album No. 19
Super Action Album 1980
Super Adventure No. 1 Federal
Super Adventure No. 5 Federal
Super Adventure No. 6 Federal
Super Heroes
Super Heroes No. 3 Federal
Super Heroes Annual

Super Villains Album
Superboy No. 1
Supergirl Album No. 36
Supergirl and Superboy
Superman and Batman
Superman and Sgt. Rock
Superman and The Flash No. 4
Superman Family
Superman Presents Action Album No. 1
Superman Presents Adventure Comics No. 7
Superman Presents Hawkman
Superman Presents Super Heroes
Superman Presents Superboy
Superman Presents Supergirl No. 38

Super-Team Album
The Adventures of Kal-El
The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl No. 2
The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl No. 3
The Flash Federal
The Legion of Super Heroes No. 8
The New Adventures of Superboy
The Phantom Zone

The Secret Society of Super-Villains
Wonder Woman Album No. 8
World's Finest Comics No. 1
World's Finest Comics No. 5
World's Finest Comics